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Turquoise Chile - Egipt - USA
Turquesa Chile - Egipto - USA
Individual pieces can be ordered separately
Any of these styles can be ordered in any stone or opal
Turquoise from Chile
The term stabilized is most often used when refering to the process of hardening Turquoise and like materials which are too crumbly or soft to cut and polish. It is accomplished by injecting clear, colorless acrylics into turquoise to toughen and harden the stone and enhance its color. Much of the turquoise used today, particularly outside of the handcrafted jewelry market, is stabilized. In a non-handcrafted jewelry production environment, the combination of stabilized turquoise, which is less expensive than gem-quality turquoise, and a manufacturing-type environment results in jewelry pieces that are generally very high in quality and lower in cost. Artisans who create handcrafted jewelry sometimes use stabilized turquoise as well since it is lower in cost and more readily available than gem-quality turquoise.
Set T300 - $600 9mm width
Set T301 $550 9mm width
Set T302- $550 9mm thickness
--Set T303 - $550 9mm thickness
Set T304 - $900 20x3mm
------Set T305 - $550 9mm
Set T306 - $550
Set T307 - $550
Set T308 - $650
Set T310 - $600
Set T311 - $600
Set T327 - $450
Set T312 - $550
Set T309 - $550
Set T314 - $600 11x18
Set T313 - $700
Lenght of main piece 1.75in 42mm
Set T315 - $500 6mm
Set T317 - $450 4x12mm
Set T316- $700
Set T318 -$450
Set T320 - $500 6mm
Set T319 - $500
Set T321 - $600
Set T323 - $700
Set T322 - $700
Set T324 - $600
Set T326 - $600
Set T325 - $650